Liver biopsy recovery: What to expect

A liver biopsy is a type of procedure performed by a gastrointestinal specialist in a medical office. It is used to take a small sample of liver tissue and allows for a specialist to determine the status of liver disease, if any, that is present in a patient.

The procedure itself is relatively simple. First, a specialist will anesthetize the area locally; then they’ll insert a thin needle through the skin and into the liver so that a sample of liver tissue may be collected. 

Now that you know how the procedure works, here’s what you should know about recovery from a liver biopsy.

What should I know about liver biopsy recovery?

  • Your BP, your breathing and your pulse will be monitored — Right after you undergo a liver biopsy, a nurse will assist you and monitor your vital signs. They’ll make sure your blood pressure, your breathing and your pulse are all within normal limits before you can leave the office.
  • Take some time to rest — It’s recommended that you take a few hours to rest initially after your procedure. You can go home from the specialist’s office the same day, but you shouldn’t drive yourself home. You’ll need to schedule a ride home ahead of time. Once you get home, you should take some time to lie down and rest.
  • You may feel sore — Due to the needle used to take a small amount of liver tissue, patients often report feeling sore around the area of the biopsy for a few days after the procedure. You should expect your soreness, if you experience any at all, to last around a week at the most.

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