What does your gastro health say about you?

Maintaining the health of your gastrointestinal tract is very important. Your digestive tract is responsible for processing and breaking down the majority of the food and water that enters and exits through your body. It’s the basis of your overall health. When the gastrointestinal system becomes off-kilter, several other functioning parts in your body may suffer as a consequence. When you visit with a gastrointestinal specialist, they may be able to make a few generalizations about your health. These generalizations are mostly based on the health of your gastric system.

To learn more about what the state of your gastrointestinal health says about you, keep reading the information below.

What does your gastro health say about you?

  • Your nutrition and diet — A gastrointestinal specialist may be able to infer how your nutrition and diet are, the bacteria in your gut, and the types of issues you may be experiencing. They may also be able to tell which types of food you’re eating are causing your stomach to react.
  • Whether you live an active or sedentary lifestyle — Getting enough exercise can help regulate your digestive system, causing less bloating and gas issues in some patients and even introducing healthier bacteria. Less physical activity can correlate to more gastrointestinal issues and disruptive symptoms of GI conditions.
  • How likely you are to have certain diseases — Some research suggests that the bacteria present within your gut can potentially correlate with certain types of diseases because the bacteria in healthy guts look different from the bacteria in unhealthy guts.

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