Three benefits of visiting a digestive health clinic

Healthy gut, healthy butt: Three benefits of visiting a digestive health clinic


When was the last time you thought about your gut health? You may be surprised to learn that your gut is more than just your stomach and your intestines. The health of your gut has a massive impact on your overall health and wellness. Your immune system, heart health, brain health, mood and sleep are all affected by how healthy your gut bacteria is.


“Well, my stomach doesn’t hurt,” you might be thinking to yourself. “So my gut must be fine!”


Is it? If you’re wondering how to know whether your gut health is good or not, there’s one place we can reliably check: in the toilet. Your bathroom habits can tell you a whole lot about your gut health. If you are pooping too much or too little, or your stool is too hard or too soft, there may be something off about your gut. Visiting a digestive health clinic can help set your gut right if you have noticed issues like these.


What are some benefits of visiting a digestive health clinic?


A digestive health specialist, known as a gastroenterologist, can zoom in on your gut and help determine what problems you might be having with your gut health. Even if you’re feeling fine now, there are many benefits to visiting a digestive health clinic, such as:


  • Preventive care — The best way to prevent uncomfortable digestive issues is to keep your gut healthy before they arise. Your gastroenterologist can look at your lifestyle and family history to give you the best recommendations for keeping your gut happy.


  • Nutrition advice — Many people experience gut problems because they are simply eating the wrong foods. Visiting a digestive health clinic can help determine if you have any food sensitivities that may be causing your gut distress.


  • Symptom treatment — If you are starting to experience the uncomfortable symptoms of a digestive disorder, your gastroenterologist can help you find relief quickly. The quicker you feel better, the sooner you can get back to your daily routine.


What’s the best place to find a digestive health clinic that can help me?


If you have concerns about your gut health, look no further than the Digestive Health Institute. Our team of board-certified colorectal, gastrointestinal and liver care experts are ready to help. 


Our well-trained, professional and compassionate staff are focused on providing the highest level of care to our patients no matter what their level of gastrointestinal needs. Every patient’s gut is different, and that means their care should be, too. At our clinics, every patient receives the highest and most personalized standard of care, and we work hard to provide patients with the gut health peace of mind they deserve.


Contact our team today for more information about how we can help you get better gut health or to schedule an initial appointment with us. 

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