Do I Need an Endoscopy for Acid Reflux?

An endoscopy is a procedure that is typically used to examine an individual’s digestive tract. It is a non-surgical procedure that involves a tube with a video camera attached to it, called an endoscope, that is used to examine the inside of a cavity in the body. An estimated 75 million endoscopies are performed each year in the U.S. alone. More than half of these are gastrointestinal endoscopies


If you have acid reflux, you may need an examination via an endoscopy. Acid reflux can be extremely disruptive to everyday life. An endoscopy can help you identify the potential causes of your condition and the current state of your esophagus. If you’re someone struggling with acid reflux, you may be wondering if it’s necessary to undergo an endoscopy. Or perhaps, your physician may have recommended one to you and you’re wondering what it can be useful for.


3 reasons your physician might tell you you need an endoscopy for acid reflux


If you or someone you know is experiencing acid reflux and you’re wondering if it could possibly require an endoscopy, read below for some of the reasons your physician might recommend one to you.


  • To confidently diagnose your condition — This procedure can be used to help confirm a diagnosis from your physician. During an endoscopy, the camera will be able to indicate the presence of inflammation or acid damage, any ulcers, or any other sign of disease.


  • If you have been experiencing GERD symptoms for more than four weeks — The length of your symptoms can indicate to your physician that your condition has progressed to a more serious state, which can be determined by an examination with an endoscope.


  • If you are experiencing severe symptoms — If you’re experiencing the more severe symptoms of GERD like weight loss, vomiting, or bleeding, your physician will likely recommend a gastroesophageal endoscopy to see what’s going on.


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