What kind of doctor can best perform a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a type of procedure that involves a colorectal surgeon using a long tube with video capabilities to examine the inside of the colon. It’s recommended that older adults regularly undergo this type of procedure every 10 years to detect cancerous and precancerous polyps.

What type of doctor is optimal for performing a colonoscopy?

  • Colorectal surgeon — The answer to this one is easy! A colorectal surgeon should be your go-to for colon procedures and GI procedures in general. To learn more about specific reasons for this, keep reading below.

Why is a colorectal surgeon the best option for someone who needs a colonoscopy?

  • They frequently perform these types of procedures — One of the main reasons a colorectal surgeon is your best option for a colonoscopy is that they perform these procedures more often than general surgeons. Who would you prefer to do your procedure? Someone who does them just a few times a year or someone who performs them every day? 
  • They’re more likely to detect colorectal cancer — According to one study, doctors who are not specialists are 5 times more likely to miss the presence of colorectal cancer during a colonoscopy. Colorectal surgeons are specialists in performing colonoscopies and are more likely to detect when there may be cancer present.
  • They’ve undergone specialized training — Colorectal surgeons often receive additional types of special training. This training makes them more qualified to perform colonoscopies than a general surgeon.

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