How long does it take for food to move through our digestive system?

The digestive system is a wonderful, complicated thing. It begins with the stomach after food has traveled from the mouth to the esophagus. Once in the stomach, it travels to the small intestine and then the large intestine. The food sits in the large intestine for a while before exiting the body in the form of leftover waste.

How long does it take to poop out food through the digestive system on average?

  • Two to six hours — It usually takes anywhere from two to six hours for the food to become broken up in the stomach. The acids and juices in your stomach will break down any food you consume so that it can be more easily passed through your small and large intestines.
  • One to three days — Once the food moves from the stomach to the small intestine, it can take anywhere from one to three days on average to move fully through the rest of the digestive system and to be passed through a bowel movement.

How long it can take for food to digest and move through your body until the time you have to poop can significantly vary depending on a few factors. These factors can include the type of food, metabolism, age and any issues with the digestive system. If you eat more fibrous foods, you’re more likely to pass bowel movements fairly quickly, and your body gets the nutrients it needs for them. If you eat more sweets, these pass through very quickly and can fail to give you the nutrients you need or leave you feeling full.

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